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CM Punk MMA Video, Vince Trolls UK Crowd, Erick Rowan Wants Renee?

CM Punk Rolls With Ryron and Rener Gracie

CM Punk who trains non-competitively in MMA under the Gracies was recently featured in a video to demonstrate the One-handed Guillotine choke:

Vince McMahon Turns Heel On UK Fans

Vince McMahon made a rare appearance at the beginning of the SmackDown tapings this evening in Liverpool, England, in response to chants of “where’s our Network?” He made a weak apology and then said Liverpool sounded like a “skin disease.”

He also said the fans should be livelier.

It’s not known if this will actually air on TV or not. Those there live said it seemed to be on the fly and not part of the show.

Erick Rowan’s Storyline

Those who watched RAW will have noticed a bizarre segment where Erick Rowan came down during the Tyson Kidd vs. Adam Rose match, and screamed: “she’s not here.”

While he may have been referring to Natalya, on last week’s RAW he came on to Renee Young and played with her hair. She wasn’t at this week’s show, so he could have also been referring to Renee.

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