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CM Punk Challenged By Bully Ray, Interesting Cena Tweet, Luger Says Sting Deserves WWE

Bully Ray Invites CM Punk To TNA

Upon word that CM Punk walked out on WWE, TNA’s Bully Ray issued a challenge on Twitter:

“If the rumors are true, let me be the 1st to invite @CMPunk to @IMPACTWRESTLING and get in the ring w/ me. Fans would LOVE it. Yes or no?”

Punk going to TNA is highly unlikely. Former ROH booker Gabe Sapolksky says he doesn’t think Punk will do any independent dates:

“Knowing Punk I would be shocked if he ever did an independent wrestling show again. There’s probably a better chance HHH shows up at a non-WWE event. Punk has given himself 110% to the business over the last few years. His schedule amazed me because there was no way any human should have had to endure it. He gave his heart, soul and body to WWE and every wrestling fan. My take on all this is it is best now to just leave Punk alone. Let him recharge, refresh and get his life back. He mentally and physically needs it. If and when he’s ready to do something, I’m sure he will. Just leave him alone and let him be.”

WWE have stopped following Punk on Twitter and his WWE documentary has disappeared off Netflix.

John Cena Responds To Controversies

It seems John Cena has responded to the recent controversies in WWE on Twitter. He wrote:

“Interesting time 4 @WWEUniverse on both sides of curtain. Strap in, hold on, 1 helluva ride is coming! #wrestlemania30”

Lex Luger Wants Sting In WWE

Former wrestling star Lex Luger told In This Room that Sting deserves his final run in WWE:

“[Sting] felt comfortable in WCW and they always took care of him all those years, so really when WCW and WWE were coexisting he never really felt a compelling reason or time in his career where he thought if he went to WWE that there would be a huge positive move for him. I can’t say that I disagree … [With that said] I don’t think anyone could orchestrate the ending part of [Sting’s] career better than WWE could. They’re just so good at that. Whether it’s a Hall of Fame bid or a match with The Undertaker I would LOVE, LOVE LOVE to see that happen personally. I think it would be the cherry on top for his career.”

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