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Closing RAW Segment Receives Big Praise

WWE RAW Survivor Series

The closing segment of this week’s episode of WWE RAW, live from Manchester, England, saw big praise from the likes of Jim Ross and Mick Foley on Twitter.

JR Tweeted:
“Enjoyed the #wweraw chaos that closed the show. Many ‘new’ talents getting key, last segment minutes. Who’s going to get hot? Fans want new.”

Mick Foley wrote:
“So how cool was that ending to #RAW? From the inception of the @WWEBrayWyatt family, I’ve seen BIG $ in a match-up with @TheShieldWWE”

The main event saw the dream team of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk take on The Shield, but as Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice on Dean Ambrose the lights went out and the Wyatt Family hit the ring to cause a no contest. Punk and Bryan slowly slipped out of the ring as The Shield and Wyatts bickered themselves in to a fight. That was until Bray managed to convince the 5 other men that they should really be focusing on the outnumbered prey outside the ring.

An almost certain beating was averted when the Usos and the Rhodes brothers came down to even the odds, resulting in the faces standing tall at the end of the night.

Though it’s not confirmed we may have our traditional Survivor Series match set for the next PPV.

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

However what made the segment most exciting was not the typical good guys vs bad guys formula, but the initial conflict between The Shield and the Wyatts. A decade ago it was common to get heel vs heel and face vs face heat, but these days it’s rare to see these realistic clashes of the ego. For the lack of a better term they displayed attitude and it was well received.

There is no need for WWE to tweak what we already saw on RAW, by turning either side face if they should choose to eventually put them in a feud. The heat is there regardless. The intrigue is that they are both dominate teams and fans want to see who’s better, not who’s more moral.

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  • Glen Fielding

    Ive said it once ill say it again, that was THE single greatest moment on Raw this whole year

  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    Very cool moment, that one. Also the chokeslam on orton through the announcer table was very good.

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