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Christian Officially Retired From WWE, Bryan and Authority Are Back, Mark Henry’s Status

WWE Ends Christian’s In-Ring Career

Both Paul Heyman and the announcers referred to Christian as being retired on last night’s RAW. The former Heavyweight Champion has discussed in the past how the company were wary of bringing him back after so many concussions and it looks like they’ve officially taken the stance that he’s done. Whether Christian himself agrees with the verdict isn’t clear, but his contract expires in under a year and then we’ll probably know more about the situation.

It’s telling that he never got a proper send off, though that could come at a later date.

If WWE keep him around what about an announcing spot?

A Good and Bad Return

We all knew that when WWE booked the Survivor Series stipulation that only John Cena could bring back The Authority, that eventually he would bring them back under duress. However did anybody expect it to be so soon?

That’s right, The Authority were brought back at the end of RAW when Seth Rollins kidnapped Edge and threatened to curb stomp him unless Cena reinstated them, which he did.

Of course logic has never been WWE’s strong point, but this was a pretty stupid angle. The Authority may be out of power but that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules and repercussions. If Rollins can do what he wants, then why isn’t everyone else going crazy?

In a more positive turn of events Daniel Bryan revealed during the show that he’s returning to the ring at Royal Rumble! If he’s truly good to go, you have to believe WWE have at least considered him winning the match and taking on Brock Lesnar.

Mark Henry Injured

Mark Henry has confirmed on Twitter that he’s been off TV with an injury.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    The logic on the Rollins-Cena-Authority segment was just big league awful. Why would all the other stars not come out to jump Rollins? Why would Cena end up attacking rollins anyway literally moments after agreeing to bring back the authority? Why wouldn’t Cena just say “just kidding.” after Edge was safe? Edge is an 11 time champion, not harvey whippleman, and his neck was broken years ago and he is well past healed, so how does he get taken so easily?

    The overall segment felt, well, illogical and bad and forced. I was expecting rollings to call out cena and lesnar, to “set up”, Cena, have cena destroy Lesnar and rollins attempt to cash in. that would have been 100000000 times better.

    That was awful TV, and again, like many bad moments in the past 2 years, it served only one man…HHH.

    • Maar

      I agree. That storyline with Edge was definitely the worst I have seen in many years. I wonder if that writer will get fired if he wasn’t already.

  • ReallyPeople?

    While we are at it, lets talk other elements of the show, because it has got me pretty hot:

    DC crowds Fucking suck. They were dead dead dead and completely disinterested. Even Ziggler got no pop and he has been tearing down the house everywhere else. they probably think this makes them Smarks…it doesn’t it makes them pretentious asshole hipsters who think they are too cool unless they get PPV quality at regular TV. DC has always been this way. Then again, these are the same people defending the Washington redskins…

    They shove Cesaro in the ring with a new attitude. The vibe was Punk “pipe bomb” -ish, and then cesaro got into the obvious script. But ok. Still he got the point across. He’s a bad ass not taking shit anymore… then boom, buried by Barrett, who, while i like ol’ BNB (why to steal the DDP bit as well), should not be booked to topple Cesaro. What was Truth up to? Just poorly done, and obviously a shot at Cesaro for pushing back at the company. He will be gone when his contract is up. And that is a tragedy.

    Fuck Ryback and his promo clearly designed to repair his reputation after Punk destroyed it. The fact that his whole segment happened proved his fear of being exposed as one dimensional. AND IT WASN’T EVEN NECESSARY! He is still pretty over! He tried to paint himself as Bryan Danielson, when in fact his strength and appearance were the ONLY reason he got a second and third chance.Again, fuck Ryback. You are dead to me.

    The Ascension Debut. This isn’t so much about the match as it is about the reaction. These guys are great. Anyone who has watched ANY NXT knows that. Yet the crowd was dead, even for a DC crowd. Why the fuck did they book them to squash the guys who were tag champs 2 seconds ago? Why destroy Mizdow, who is getting hot due to his amazing work with a shit gimmick?… This match proved that NXT shouldn’t be just a minor league, but should just be a separate entity, because the casual WWE fan just can not handle accepting a new gimmick/production unless it is a celebrity or a catch phrase. Its the same reason the tune out duing the amazing Heyman and Wyatt promos, ignore and hate rollins and cesaro, and eat up Cena, Reigns, etc. Even Danielson was lukewarm until the “yes!” chant…

    This show in general seemed to be the set of for mania, as it should be. But it also struck me as a message to talent… After all of vince’s talk about grabbing the brass ring, HHH swooped in and reminded the mid-card that the show was his, and if he doesn’t like you, if you speak out of turn, if you do not fall in line, you will be buried…

    • Maar

      Very good written. And yes.. The Ascension duo must be a joke. When I saw these two I started to think they missed the year. Maybe their outfit would work back in 1984, but now in 2015?? No. Definitely not. And besides,.. they are not even developed enough to even match with the main rooster. Well anyway, at least I got a good laugh when I saw these two amateur jokers.

  • Greg Giggie

    all of it was terrible, let’s go back to September for a second, Rollins doesn’t wait until the match is over & both are beaten to a pulp to cash in, he instead comes down DURING the match as a terrible way to protect both Cena & Lesnar from losing & then Lesnar doesn’t defend the title for 4 months, just awful. As a kid they always used the “must defend within 30 days” rule or at least set up the next PPV match within the time frame. As others have mentioned, if there was truly no “authority” then guys that were getting jobbed out would just decide to run roughshod over people they were pissed at, nobody would follow any kind of regulations at all, why would you even face an opponent you were ‘scared of’ if there were no repercussions? Again, it’s been mentioned that wrestling doesn’t have the tightest logic, but at least in the believable range would be nice.

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