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Christian Attacked By The Shield: His WWE Status

Christian out with concussion

Christian attacked by The Shield on RAWOn this week’s WWE RAW from Toronto, Canada, The Shield attacked Christian and left him in a heap on the stage, as his former partner Edge looked on. This was an angle to write him out of storylines while he recovers from a real life concussion.

Similar to how Cody Rhodes was “fired” last week so he can enjoy his real life honeymoon, this was a convenient way to get heat on COO Triple H, Randy Orton and hired goons The Shield. You can watch the segment below courtesy of the WWE YouTube channel …

One last match?

For those still confused by Christian’s recent “one more match” campaign, which culminated at Summerslam in a loss against Alberto Del Rio, that has nothing to do with his WWE contract or possible retirement. Though it was poorly explained on TV, it simply referred to Christian’s desire for one more top title match. In that respect if creative are going to adhere to continuity, don’t expect him to be booked in any WWE or World Heavyweight Championship matches any time soon.

WWE’s new concussion policy

Captain Charisma’s concussion occurred during his match with Randy Orton on the August 26th episode of Raw. Although he underwent ImPACT testing and the results came back normal, the WWE website reports that he’s still displaying concussion-like symptoms, such as grogginess. Because of this he’s been pulled from upcoming live events and was taken off TV.

The promotion has an extremely stringent concussion policy these days, and wrestlers are pulled from active performing at the first signs of any head trauma. WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann oversees what is known as ImPACT testing, which analyzes memory recall, and physical speed. Concussed superstars are also sent to the new Performance Center in Orlando where they undertake various in-ring challenges before being allowed to return to action.

Despite the company having never publicly accepted the Sports Legacy Institute findings that Chris Benoit suffered from concussion related brain damage when he murdered his family and committed suicide in 2007 – they even downplayed former WWE star Chris Nowinski’s comments during Linda McMahon’s senate run – this new concussion policy is almost certainly related.

WWE now also have a policy that restricts the use of unprotected chair shots to the head. Former WWE superstar Mick Foley’s in-ring career came to end because of concussion damage and the amount of weapon bumps he took, including chair shots definitely played a role.

There’s currently no timetable for Christian’s return to the ring, but Hall of Famer Edge will be featured again on Friday’s SmackDown.

Extra Viewing:
The Shield have had it in for Christian ever since he returned to WWE earlier in the Summer …

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