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Chris Sabin Leaves TNA, Why Davey Chose TNA Over WWE, Former TNA Stars To GFW?

Chris Sabin’s TNA Contract Expires

Chris Sabin is not advertised for any upcoming shows and it’s believed his TNA contract has expired. His last match was at Saturday’s One Night Only PPV tapings.

TNA are offering all talent with expiring contracts lower paid deals, so as we’ve seen many are simply walking away.

Davey Richards Never Wanted To Go To WWE

TNA’s Davey Richards told Ring Rust Radio that despite his WWE tryout, he never really wanted to work there:

I never really wanted to go to WWE. The tryout there was awesome. It was really fun and I can’t say enough good things and I learned a lot, but I told a few of the guys during the initial tryout with Eddie that this was not for me just because moving down to Orlando is not what I wanted to do and wrestling is not the only thing I want to do with my life. To give up everything and just live in that world is not my idea of a great life or a perfect life. TNA offered me to be able to wrestle with some of the best wrestlers in the world, I could be on television, I could go and entertain crowds but I could still come home and be Wes. I could be Davey, then I could be Wes. It was just better for me and I couldn’t be happier in TNA it’s been great.

Davey also discussed beginning to talk more:

It hasn’t been difficult for me personally because me and Eddie are just me and Eddie you know. If we were brought in to be someone else I would probably have a harder time with it, but because our names haven’t changed at all, we just don’t have American in our name anymore, so for me it’s not been bad at all because it’s just me being me. There are also a lot better coaches in TNA. There isn’t really anyone in Ring of Honor giving anyone any guidance; it’s kind of the blind leading the blind.

Lance Hoyt and The Pope Tease Joining Jarrett’s Promotion

Former TNA stars The Pope (Elijah Burke in WWE) and Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer in WWE) teased joining Global Force Wrestling on Twitter:

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  • WillowBrand

    No, but they re-sign all these others that aren’t worth it- Gunner, Storm (both are in I quit matches in upcoming TNA), Spud- the list goes on and on! BOOOOOO!

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