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Chris Jericho Would Turn Bryan Heel, Bayley On Her Character, UFC Star Praises Punk

How Jericho Would Handle Reigns Situation

Far from turning Roman Reigns heel, Chris Jericho says he would turn Daniel Bryan heel after Wrestlemania, in an interview with Bill Apter:

We know that Daniel Bryan is a guy that’s super popular but we all know what Vince McMahon thinks. Daniel is not a Vince McMahon prototype wrestler where as Roman Reigns is. I’d like to see Roman win, I’d like to see him win the title at WrestleMania and see what do we really have with this guy. And if that’s the case, then turn Daniel Bryan heel and put those two together, let them feud for the title back and forth.

NXT’s Bayley Explains Her Character

In a recent interview with the Miami Herald Bayley discussed where he character comes from:

It comes kind of natural being Bayley. Watching wrestling already made me excited. When I was younger, going to live events, I was so into it and just felt something inside me that made me feel driven to do it; so when I go out to the ring, it’s a natural fire for me. I can’t help but smile. Bayley is a dream chaser. She’s grown up watching the product, wrestling, WWE, everything. She knows everyone, from top to bottom, all the history. She’s been motivated since she was 10-years-old and is finally here, trying to pursue the dream, live the dream to the fullest.

She also discussed NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte:

[Charlotte’s] amazing. Sometimes we’ll do stuff training, little warm-ups, and of course, she ups the ante on everything, and it turns out amazing. What she’s done in her past matches…You guys have no idea…She’s going to keep bringing it, and you’ll continue to be surprised and in awe of her. She’s great.

Tyron Woodley Praises CM Punk

UFC Star Tyron Woodley has a new found respect for CM Punk after spending time training with him. He told Inside MMA:

I did have a chance to train with CM Punk. CM Punk’s awesome… He’s a student of the sport. A lot of people are giving him a lot of crap. After hanging out with him for three weeks I told him ‘Anyone got a problem with CM Punk, you got a problem with me.

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