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Chris Benoit Conspiracy Theorist Johnny Lee Clary Passes Away

Johnny Lee Clary who wrestled briefly in the 1980s as Johnny Angel passed away this Tuesday from a heart attack. Clary was a very controversial figure who was once a high ranking member of the KKK, before having a change of heart and becoming a travelling evangelist.

Modern wrestling fans however will probably know him best as the man who first started the Kevin Sullivan murdered the Benoit family conspiracy theories that have permeated the web.

I covered Clary’s baseless theories extensively in the article: The Chris Benoit Conspiracy, and video series The Chris Benoit Files.

SLAM! Wrestling writes:

There’s a much better chance that you saw Johnny Lee Clary, the Ku Klux Klan member turned evangelist, on one of the many wildly entertaining talk shows, like Jerry Springer, or on religious programming, than you did during his brief career as 1980s professional wrestler Johnny Angel … He was a well-known figure from his numerous radio, TV magazine and newspapers appearances, including Fox and Friends, Fox News, Oprah, The 700 Club, Queen Latifah, Phil Donahue, Charisma Magazine, Guidepost, and Christianity Today.

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