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Cesaro Hates His Music, RAW Preview, Santino Injury Update, Heath Slater’s Legal Issues

Even Cesaro Hates His Music

It starts like Scott Steiner is coming out and then shifts to some generic noise. Now even Cesaro hates his own theme music, or at least that’s what his character said at the recent Pittsburgh house show. The following fan clip shows him telling the sound guy to turn it off during his entrance “because it’s not good at all.”

Is this an early sign that he’s going back to being the more sophisticated European character?

Edge and Christian Hosting RAW

Tonight’s WWE RAW from Washington, DC, is being hosted by Edge and Christian. are hyping the following 5 points:

– Will The Ultimate Opportunist and Captain Charisma shake things up on Raw?

– The Ascension will rise!

– How will Ziggler close out his best year ever?

– Did Jimmy Uso deliver a deal-breaker to The Miz?

– Where do Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt go from here?

Santino Back In The Gym

Santino who was about to return to the ring only to need another neck surgery, Tweeted that he’s now back in the gym. At one point he considered retiring but is now hell bent on getting back in the ring:

Heath Slater Given Time Off

WWE have given Heath Slater time off to address the allegations that he assaulted a woman at the Wrestlemania 27 hotel after party. A misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued several weeks back and his lawyer instantly cooperated with the authorities.

If he gets formally charged he’ll most likely be suspended by WWE (which may technically be what his time off is) and if convicted he will be fired. If it all goes away however there will obviously be no repercussions.

The case is quite odd since it’s taken so long for the authorities to pursue it.

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