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Cesaro Hacked, Ric Flair At RAW, HBK Denies Burying Punk

Cesaro Hacked And Targets Vince

Unless he’s looking to get himself fired, the belief is that Cesaro’s Twitter account was hacked in some way this morning because it went on a tirade about him not being pushed, and wishing Vince McMahon gets cancer. The Tweets have since been deleted but here is a screenshot:

Ric Flair On Tonight’s RAW

Ric Flair is now expected to appear on tonight’s RAW to be factored in to Triple H’s storyline with Sting.

Shawn Michaels Denies Punk Allegations

Shawn Michaels told TapouT Radio on SiriusXM that allegations made by former creative member Court Bauer, that he verbally buried CM Punk during his WWE tryout, are not true:

Guys accusing me of keeping them down, or doing this that or the other, respectfully, so many of the people who have made these claims weren’t even on my radar. These same guys accusing me of having this big ego have to understand, one of the biggest things about having a big ego is feeling like no one else is in your league and not being threatened by anybody.

I had someone tell me, ‘Triple H, he buried CM Punk.’ One, I never even met the guy [former WWE writer Court Bauer], supposedly he worked for us. Dave Lagana will tell you, as Punk will, that I was one of his biggest fans. The reason [WWE] didn’t like him is because he had a bad attitude. I’ve never seen anybody’s tryouts, they usually have them at the beginning of RAW.

The story was that he and Triple H stood behind the curtain mocking Punk like high school kids in front of other WWE staff and officials.

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