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Cena Wins LOL, Orton Injured, Bryan Needs More Surgery? RAW Preview, Corey Graves Retired?

John Cena Wins 15th World Title

– It seems the leaked Summerslam poster was accurate as John Cena walked out of last night’s Money In The Bank event as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. After the ring was cleared he AA’ed an unsuspecting Kane and then delivered one to Orton, slamming him on top of Kane’s prone body for good measure before climbing the ladders and unhooking the belts.

Look for Brock Lesnar to return soon to begin the build for Summerslam.

During the match Randy Orton was busted open “hardway”. gave the following details via Dr. Chris Aman:

We had an incident during the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match where Randy was struck in the head with the ladder, which caused a laceration to the top of his scalp. I evaluated him immediately after the incident. He did not show any signs of a concussion, so what we did ringside was to stop the bleeding with a mixture of Vaseline and epinephrine – which is also known as adrenaline. By putting that in the wound and by applying direct pressure, we were able to get the bleeding to stop, so he could finish the match.

Immediately after the match, we brought him back to the training room where we thoroughly cleaned the wound and put 11 staples in his head. We are going to monitor him for any signs of neurological changes and we’ll follow up with him tomorrow at Raw in Hartford, Conn.

– Also last night Seth Rollins won the Money In The Bank Ladder match with the help of Kane, who Tombstoned Dean Ambrose and held the ladder for Rollins.

– Daniel Bryan revealed on the pre-show that his neck isn’t healing as fast as expected and he may need to have another surgery. You can watch the full pre-show below:

– John Stewart was one of several celebs in attendance. Here he is backstage showing his kid around:

On The Cards For Tonight’s RAW are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s RAW from the XL Center in Hartford, CT:

– What will the corporate power throw at Cena to reclaim what they believe is theirs?

– Dean Ambrose may not have succeeded in capturing the Money in the Bank contract, but the former United States Champion is likely not done with Rollins, or The Authority.

– Will Goldust and Stardust get run at The Usos?

– Has Big E had enough? Or will he make another attempt to defeat The Bulgarian Brute?

– Will Bryan be pencilled in for a future title shot?

Corey Graves Switching To Non-Wrestling Role?

Having suffered several concussions and other nagging injuries it is rumored that WWE are looking to switch NXT star Corey Graves to a non-wrestling role. In WWE’s eyes he may well be retired from in-ring action.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    Super cena is back, great…There where great spots on the PPV, the spear through the ropes by Big E & the ladder matches had great spots. But the ending actually made me almost cry :D

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