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Cameras Following Bryan Over Wrestlemania, Big Jim Ross Q&A, Possible New WWE Games

Daniel Bryan Being Filmed For WWE Network

WWE cameras will be following Daniel Bryan over Wrestlemania weekend, as he prepares for the big event. The footage will air on the WWE Network. This is in the same vein as the WrestleMania Diary series from previous years.

Several other Superstars will also be filmed.

Jim Ross Does Twitter AMA

Jim Ross did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit yesterday. Here are some highlights from his answers:

– I’m not a big fan of any wrestling promotion being too scripted and limiting the creativity of the talents.

– No one has more respect for wrestling fans than I do. However, some fans gain a small amount of knowledge and all the sudden become experts who feel that those of us who have been in the biz for years know nothing about it.

– Hard to say who does or does not go into the WWE HOF. Your guess is as good as mine on any candidate. For me, I’d hope that they [Vader and Rick Rude] both make it.

– [WWE announcers] work awfully hard and have to serve many masters regarding content to get on the air. I’m not a fan of narrations and talking about one thing while I’m seeing another.

– I was always a company man and if I had a bitch I also provided a solution or at least what I thought was a solution. Of course I would do projects with WWE if asked. Why not? I loved Monsoon and Heenan. Savage usually is considering the most deserving who hasn’t been inducted.

– Don’t believe all the negative things that you hear about Tony [Schiavone]. He was a good guy and we had some stellar broadcasts together.

– I never tied Carlos to the Brody murder as much as many fans seemingly do.

– TNA needs a creative direction that embraces their viewers and is an alternative to WWE. WWE has done a great job of building their brand everywhere including the South USA. In hindsight the Invasion under performed to what it could have been. I know I was WAY too busy at that point in my life. JC is a wrestling genius.

– I had no idea Foley was falling from the Cell and I was genuinely concerned for his welfare.

– I do not [think Steve Austin will wrestle again]. He’s moved on and it would take 3-6 months for him to get himself ready to a level that he would accept. I hope ‘m wrong.

– Kane is a Hall of Fame talent…enough said.

– I wanted to bring in Sting but he was resistant of our schedule and Raw’s TV14 rating.

– Mike [Tenay] is a great friend. Classy, knowledgeable announcer/fan. I would have loved to have seen Mike in WWE especially on the creative side. I enjoy his work.

WWE Asks Fans About Possible Games

WWE sent out a survey today asking fans about game concepts that they’d like to see:

1) Trouble always seems to find a way to the WWE Universe! Play as either John Cena or Daniel Bryan and go off on an adventure to rescue the Bella Twins, who have been kidnapped by the evil Mr. McMahon. Venture through 50 stages to rescue the Twins, grabbing extra powers and goodies over land, water, air, and fire along the way!

2) A turn-based combat role-playing game where you can assemble and lead teams of Superstars and Divas-your mission is to protect the WWE Universe from the clutches of evil wrestlers from another dimension!

3) You’re the boss! Manage the ultimate team of WWE Superstars. Pick your wrestlers, train them, and have them fight your friends and other opponents in the ring!

4) The WWE Universe is way too big for just one Superstar! Collect a series of WWE Superstar action figures, each with unique abilities that unlock certain challenges and portals, and bring them to life on the big screen via your game console. Only you can put the right Superstar against the right challenge to save the WWE Universe. Put the action figures “in the ring” and let the adventures begin!

5) Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the WWE Universe! Use your favorite wrestling moves and slingshot your way through an action-packed journey from WrestleMania to Royal Rumble, facing the biggest WWE Superstars of all time! Can you become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion with the help of the Angry Birds?

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