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Cabana Exchanges Words With Foley Over Punk, Scott Hall Robbed By Son? Nikki Promo Cut

Colt Cabana On Why He Did Punk Interview

During the Cabana podcast CM Punk essentially called out Chris Jericho for trying to get him on his podcast, which he felt was for ulterior motives. Jericho has since been plugging his show with Seth Rollins, calling it the “most listened to podcast of the week.” When a fan pointed out that Cabana’s show with Punk clearly had more listeners, Y2J responded “Cabana who?”

Cabana will be doing a follow up show with Punk next week.

Scott Hall Says Cody Stole Money

Cody Hall is currently embarking on a career in Japan.

Nikki Bella Promo Cut From SmackDown

A promo cut by Nikki Bella on SmackDown towards AJ Lee was reportedly heavily edited from the broadcast. The way she’s talking it up on social media would suggest there’s no real heat there, but is heel Nikki really supposed to be the one cutting pipe bombs? How silly.

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