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Who Is The Bunny? Foley Praises Sandow, Xavier Woods Stable On SmackDown?

Justin Gabriel Was The Bunny

Justin Gabriel played the Bunny in the tag match on this week’s RAW. It should be noted that multiple people have played the role, so figuring it out one week doesn’t mean that’s who will be ultimately revealed. The rumor is that in the end Darren Young will be revealed to carry on the feud with Titus.

Mick Foley Stands By Damien Sandow

In a recent Facebook blog Mick Foley showed his support for Damien Sandow, who’s taken the stunt double gimmick and ran with it:

I think it’s about time you guys out there give me my props. Did I, or did I not predict that the first waves of #SandowMania would be crashing down upon your shores at any moment? I will grant you that those first waves took a little longer to crash down upon you then I had thought. But brother, here they are! There is no denying that Sandow has taken whatever was given to him and done his very best with it – sometimes falling, but never failing to put his very best effort into everything that came his way. And, now, with Damien Mizdow, he has come up with a character that has become must see TV on WWE Monday Night Raw.

“New Nation” Stable Returning on SmackDown?

The stable of Xavier Woods, Big E. and Kofi Kingston appear to be getting restarted on this week’s SmackDown, after they are wrestled with the same colored ring gear.

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