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Buff Bagwell Gigolo Update, New WWE Firing Policy? Paul London’s New Project

Buff Bagwell Debuts On Gigolos Reality Show

As previously noted former WCW star Buff Bagwell has joined Showtime’s Gigolos reality show, that follows the careers of a group of male gigolos (escorts/prostitutes).

In his first episode Bagwell was second to service a woman who had paid for four men!

Quite how phony the show is I don’t know, but Bagwell is supposed to be happily married.

WWE No Longer Release Wrestlers?

In a recent interview with Asked with Riv and Landin to promote his new fitness website, former WWE star Tyler Reks claimed WWE no longer release wrestlers mid-contract, rather wait for their deals to expire and don’t renew them.

He also said WWE rarely explain to talent why their pushes were cut short, so they’re kept in the dark about how to improve. They apparently often turn to the internet to find out information about their own career problems.

Paul London In Sci-Fi Project

Former WWE star Paul London has teamed up with his comic book writer brother Jonathan, in a new sci-fi project.

Real-life pro wrestler Paul London, at the lowest point in his life, is magically transported across the universe… to the distant planet of Gahh’rul. There, he is mistaken to be the Hero of the Prophecy, a warrior destined to free the poor denizens of this alien planet from the rule of Ramzaar, an evil sorcerer. Ultimately, Paul must learn to use his pro-wrestling skills and false bravado to not only survive the hostile alien world and its ferocious inhabitants but also defeat Ramzaar’s dark forces. Along the way, he will befriend the owl-like wizard Finnegan and the stunningly beautiful, sword-wielding princess Sheetara, all in the hopes of becoming a real hero.

Starring: Paul London, Doug Jones, Marisha Ray, Graham Douglas, Yuri Lowenthal, Brian Gilmore, Nick Gregorio, Jason Trost, Jeff Hatch,
Director of Photography: Amanda Treyz
Music: Scott Klopfenstein
Producer: Georg Kallert
Writers: Jonathan London, William Bibbiani, Paul London
Directed by: Jonathan London

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