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Does Bryan Need Surgery? Taz Officially Gone From TNA, Would HBK Do Creative? Foley On Network

Daniel Bryan’s Health Status

WWE have confirmed that Daniel Bryan was pulled from the European tour due to health concerns. They described this as a “precautionary measure.”

This once again has to do with his neck and arm issues. Bryan chose not to have invasive surgery during his last time off, and instead went through some controversial “holistic” procedures. It may be that WWE suggests he has surgery this time around, though it might not be that serious and he could just need some time to rest.

One has to wonder why he hasn’t toned down his style, especially the running in to the turnbuckles and stiff dropkick landings.

TNA Confirms Taz’s Departure

TNA announcer Taz has decided to walk away from TNA so he can continue to pursue his own projects. The company’s John Gaburick confirmed the departure on Twitter:

It’s not clear who will be replacing him but Al Snow recently had a commentary tryout, and Tenay could potentially fill the role if only temporarily.

Shawn Michaels On Why He Isn’t In Creative

In a new episode of the Ross Report Shawn Michaels told JR why he hasn’t taken a backstage creative role in WWE:

It wouldn’t be a great fit for me. There’d be a lot of stifling going on. I’ve been able to sway them on things other people couldn’t. I’d be open to the Pat Patterson gig, where you have a couple of projects and you could write in from home about it. If you’re going to be there every week, you might as well go back and be an on-air character and make more money.

I have the ability to be involved in whatever it is I’d like to take part in. That offer’s always sort of been there. Right now, I choose not to do that. I’m interested in trying new things. Even with my outdoor show, we’re looking at changing the format of that to make it more than just a hunting show so to speak. Then obviously doing this book. I want to go back and do it when I’m passionate about it, and right now I’m passionate about other things. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m too good for the WWE, I’m not. I don’t want to go back and do a job I’m not 100 percent in to, it’s not fair to them and not fair to me.

Mick Foley Comedy On Network

WWE have once again decided to give Mick Foley’s comedy/speaking show a shot on the WWE Network and will be filming it on April 24th, in the NXT arena.

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