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Bryan Needs More Surgery, Angle Responds To Rumors, WWE Profiles AJ Styles, Shannon Moore Retiring

Daniel Bryan Now Needs Shoulder Surgery

After a recent full medical examine it has now been determined that Daniel Bryan now needs shoulder surgery. There is currently no time-table for his return according to the Wrestling Observer.

The former champ was already rehabbing from neck surgery so it was decided that now was the time to get his shoulder fixed, rather than waiting for it to deteriorate.

Kurt Angle Mocked By WWE?

Kurt Angle responded to recent rumors that a photo of him in a “bad way” was circulated around the WWE locker room and office. He wrote on Twitter:

Rumors are the root of evil. The truth will endure. Here is the truth!

I’m excited to say I’m coming up on My 1 year anniversary of being clean and sober. Im Very Humbled. GOD has truly Blessed Me. It’s been a difficult but exciting road to living alcohol/drug free. Then some heartless individuals want to create rumors of Me “passed out” on a plane. Wow! I guess You can’t take a nap on a plane when Youre a recovering addict. But it only makes Me want to stay clean even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are multiple ways to look at this situation, but since we don’t know the facts it’s all speculation.

We’ll know whether WWE are interested in him after September.

AJ Styles In WWE Video

WWE recently uploaded a video about 5 superstars you didn’t know were in WWE. In at 3 was AJ Styles!

He had a couple of tryouts with WWE after WCW folded, including a “Jakked” match against the Hurricane.

Another Wrestler Retiring

It’s been a week of in-ring retirements, following Petey Williams and Santino, is Shannon Moore. He wrote on Twitter:

For u asking I’m pretty much done in the ring. Just times have changed and I don’t want to be that guy trying to Stay on Indy’s I’ve lived it and I would rather get out and be an agent or work with talent.Thanks WCW,WWE,and TNA!!! Looking for the next thing.And want to move to Chicago and be with my wife’s amazing family!! Thanks to all that have supported me over the last 20 plus years. Much love to fans. Keep supporting the guys… Because family’s depend on that support!!!Thank You So Much for making a dream come true.

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