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Bryan On Kenta and Devitt Joining WWE, Multiple Legends Opening RAW, Nixed Faction Revived?

Daniel Bryan Discusses New WWE Signings

Daniel Bryan discussed the signing of Prince Devitt, Kenta and Kevin Steen during a recent interview with the Miami Herald:

Not only is it great for those guys, but it’s great for everyone on the roster because then they get to wrestle those guys. I learned so much wrestling Kenta. That’s one of the reasons I got here. Now Kenta is in NXT. The guys who get to wrestle Kenta, for one, they are going to be very sore because he kicks very hard. Two, they are going to learn a lot. It’s the same thing for guys like Sami Zayn and Kevin Steen and Devitt. Those guys are going to do really well, but the people who wrestle them are going to learn a lot.

Bryan also discussed who he likes watching while at home:

I thought I was going to hate the breakup of The Shield. I was like, ‘These guys are so great together.’ At the same time Ambrose has been so good as this crazy lunatic coming out of nowhere. Rollins is always great. Reigns has really stepped up in his position. I think that’s been really fun. Brock [Lesnar] is also fun to watch. He just destroys people.

WWE Announces HOF Segment For RAW

WWE have announced what they’re calling a “Hall of Fame Forum” to kick off Monday’s RAW. This will include Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair discussing the WWE World Heavyweight Title rematch between Brock Lesnar and John Cena for Night of Champions.

Xavier Woods Faction Going Ahead?

Though it looked like it was dropped the disgruntled faction lead by Xavier Woods with Kofi Kingston and Big. E. looks to have been revived. E and Kofi took on the Usos at a recent house show with Woods in their corner.

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