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Bryan Explains Recovery, Nash Talks WWE Suspension, How To Use Sting

Daniel Bryan Visits Naturopath

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report Daniel Bryan explained that he was only able to get cleared to wrestle after visiting a naturopath, a field often criticized by the mainstream medical industry.

I saw a naturopath who works with Carson Palmer, a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals who was having a horrible shoulder problem. He could barely even pick up a football. Then, all of a sudden, he was able to play. That’s because he saw this guy in Denver who does something called “Muscle Activation Technique.” And so I went and saw that guy, and for the first time in months, after just one visit, I had strength in my arm.

Kevin Nash Doesn’t Think He’ll Be Back

Kevin Nash who was suspended from his WWE Legend’s deal after a domestic incident over the holidays, doesn’t think he’ll ever be back on WWE TV.

JR On How To Use Sting

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Jim Ross discussed how Sting should be used in WWE:

I think what you have to do with Sting is determine what his final match or event will be, and then book it backwards and build to that destination. Sting’s got all these year of television exposure, [so] you don’t want to overexpose him. You want to make sure you keep him in a positive light with your vignettes, your interactions on TV. And you sure as heck don’t want him to wrestle on television before WrestleMania. I want his first match with WWE to be at WrestleMania, and he’s gotta wrestle a top star. For years, everybody wanted Sting to wrestle the Undertaker, and because I’m not aware of the Undertaker’s physical condition, and the fact that he lost this past WrestleMania, maybe some of the luster’s been removed. Sting probably wants to wrestle one more major match, get that WrestleMania moment under his belt. It’s like a veteran football player finally making a playoff team, and they get to the Super Bowl and then they retire. Bring him in as a reoccurring star that has a personal issue with Triple H, and they settle their personal issue at WrestleMania.

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