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Bryan Beats Kane On Main Event, Buff Bagwell’s Escort Rates, Legend’s Son A Timekeeper

March 04, 2014, WWE Main Event Results

Here’s what went down on last night’s live Main Event broadcast on the WWE Network:

– Daniel Bryan def. Kane, after Bryan escaped the Chokeslam and pinned with the Sunset Flip in to a Roll-up.

– Nikki Bella def. Alicia Fox, with the Shock Treatment.

– New tag champs The Usos say their goal is to go to Wrestlemania. The Outlaws call their win lucky, but Road Dogg claims to have an injury and cant wrestle tonight.

– The Usos def. Los Matadores, with the Superfly Splash on Fernando.

– After the match the Outlaws mock El Torito, so he fires back with a head scissors to Gunn.

What Buff Charges For His Gigolo Services

Former wrestling star Buff Bagwell who was featured in the latest episode of Showtime’s Gigolos reality show, is now listed on the male escort site – here are his rates:

$800 for two hours, $1,550 for four hours, $3,000 for overnight, $4,500 per day, $8,000 for a weekend trip and $25,000 for a whole week.

As far as I can tell Buff is still a married man, though I guess stranger things have happened in life. Whatever makes you happy bro!

Typhoon’s Son Working As Timekeeper

Berkley Ottman – the son of former WWE star Fred “Tugboat/Typhoon” Ottman is working at NXT as a timekeeper. He also worked Monday’s RAW alognside longtime WWE timekeeper Mark Yeaton. His Cousin Cody Rhodes Tweeted the following:

Berkley has also been doing stage and floor managing at NXT for several months.

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