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Bryan At RAW? Rollins Talks Ex-Girlfriend, Shane McMahon DVD Planned?

RAW Preview

According to Daniel Bryan is set to appear on tonight’s RAW, but it’s not clear if he’s fit enough to wrestle yet. Meanwhile are hyping the following 5 points for the show:

– Will chaos erupt between John Cena and Rusev?

– Are Erick Rowan and Luke Harper reuniting?

– Is Naomi unstoppable with Tamina at her side?

– Will King Barrett and Sheamus retaliate against WWE’s underdogs?

– Who will gain key momentum before WWE Payback’s Fatal 4-Way Match?

Seth’s Ex Attends SmackDown

Seth Rollins recently discussed having an ex-girlfriend (not the one from the Twitter controversy) attend a SmackDown taping last month. He told the Des Moines Register that she only knew him before he became a star:

It’s a girl I dated like 7 or 8 years ago. She can’t grasp it… Like she only knows me as the dork that she played Guitar Hero with in the basement. She doesn’t understand the fascination with this guy that broke her heart, you know what I mean (laughs)? She doesn’t get that. It’s very interesting, but I need that. I need her to see me as that person so that I can see myself that way. So it’s just nice to have relationships that existed before I was this guy, and that is what kind of what keeps you grounded or humbled.

Potential WWE DVDs

Here is a list of potential WWE DVDs that were sent out in a survey last week:

Iron Man Matches
Shane McMahon
Best of Superstars
Randy Orton
Divas Biography
The History of the U.S. Championship
The Usos
The Best of RAW & SmackDown ’15
Best PPV Matches ’15
The Miz & Mizdow
The Best of NXT
Unreleased Matches
Total Divas Season 1

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