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Brodus Says There Are No More Ring Rats, Ex-ROH Owner Rips Flair, RVD Praises Heyman

Brodus Clay Says PG Era Killed Ring Rats

In a new Youshoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries Brodus Clay was asked about whether he ever experienced “ring rats” (groupies) while in WWE:

We don’t have rats now, we have guys with iPads wanting to take our pictures and sign their toys. That’s our rats. We missed out, Ernie Ladd would be furious. It’s not our fault, we come out of the show and there’s a family of 4 that want to take a picture with The Funkasaurus. Then there’s Darryl with his action figures and his books and stuff he wants us to sign. We have more like hamsters I guess, we don’t really have rats. The Attitude Era had the crazy rock & roll girls and stuff. I heard rumors. Unfortunately I’m still waiting for that because if any of them want to flash, we’d be like bro, please don’t do that it’s not cool. We missed the boat.

Cary Silkin Shoots On Ric Flair For Owing Money

Former ROH owner Cary Silkin ripped in to Ric Flair on Twitter recently over the money that the Hall of Famer owed the company after no showing.

Kickstart my f**king a**.”ooh please help us”.what a bunch of sh** u begging weak bIIch lying Wrestling biz carny fleece artists. Oooh let’s have a @RicFlairNatrBoy kickstarter project so he can pay back everyone he f***ed !!! @Highspots @ringofhonor @ColtCabana. I was f**ked by @RicFlairNatrBoy for 40K and it’s less than others if u have any b***s retweet this @ScrapDaddyAP @KINGCorino @Highspots

It’s not clear what Kickstarter campaign he’s referring to however.

RVD On Heyman’s Eye For Talent

In a recent interview with Bill Apter RVD discussed Paul Heyman’s eye for talent and the nurturing of that talent. He also noted how humble he is despite his position:

Paul reached a level he deserves in this business. It’s nice to see the respect given back and to see Paul where he’s at right now. He’s no longer in a place where people are trying to bury him and trying to put him out of business. Now they look at him with appreciation like he is of wrestling royalty because he is. I see him pulling some of the younger guys aside backstage, giving his advice to them. It makes me feel happy inside to know he’s passing that along. There aren’t too many guys that are at his level that has to offer what he has to offer. That’s Paul… very special, one of a kind.

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