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Brock Lesnar’s WWE Deal Expiring and MMA Is Calling, Why Did Dan Severn Leave WWE?

Bidding War Brewing For Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is in a pretty sweet spot over the next few months as his contract with WWE expires the day after Wrestlemania 31. Unlike the majority of wrestlers who only have WWE as an option for big money, Lesnar is straddling the top of two industries, with MMA companies ready to get in to a bidding war. Both UFC and Bellator have already publicly expressed the desire to get him back in to fighting and they’ll pay big money to see it happen.

The ball is essentially in his court. Whoever offers him the best terms, or wherever his passion currently rests, will be where he ends up.

This also has implications on Wrestlemania. If he was so inclined (though that’s not really his personality) he could easily demand to retain the title if he chooses to stay with WWE. Likewise if we catch wind that he’s off to UFC, then we could end up with another terrible “hey hey hey goodbye” moment, which could both help and overshadow a Roman Reigns victory.

WWE is not in the best financial position right now with the Network not doing the numbers they hoped. Since Lesnar is not there all the time anyway and isn’t bringing in a return on his investment, they could let him walk.

It’s been suggested that he’s lost considerable weight, which could be a sign that he’s getting in “fighting shape.”

Dan Severn Didn’t Want To Be In The Ministry

One of the original WWE/MMA crossover stars was Dan “The Beast” Severn who excelled in the early UFC events while moonlighting as a pro wrestler under Al Snow. During UFC 4 in 1994 he actually had Al Snow in his corner and during other events he brought along his NWA and other wrestling belts to the cage. He followed Ken Shamrock in to the then WWF and had a pretty modest run, never really connecting with the audience or being given many storylines.

He discussed the experience in a recent interview with SLAM! Wrestling:

Well, in a couple of different ways it was beneficial (being in the WWE). I got to meet some good people, some — not all were my cup of tea, that is the mixture. Phenomenal business. I learned a lot from there.

Even if you look at the world of cage fighting, the number one company is the Ultimate Fighting Championship and literally in a lot of ways they are using the WWE’s business model and using it as their own in oh so many ways.

I learned a lot of things on a personal level, business level, so I will say that it was a good learning experience. I was known as a good guy, the babyface, just a no-nonsense, just stoic, going out there just dismantling people. Even Jim Cornette said, ‘I can’t believe the creative team doesn’t know what to do with you. You are just a dismantling machine. I just want to go down there with a wheelbarrow full of belts and dump them there and watch you dismantle people.’

Severn also recalled meeting Goldberg after his WWE run:

I had dinner with Bill Goldberg a number of years back. One of the first times I ever met him. As I was having dinner with him, he reaches across the table and taps me on the arm and goes, ‘Thanks.’ I go, ‘For what?’ He goes, ‘Dude, I was you. I used all of your antics. I made a lot of money being you.’ I thought that was so cool that he complemented me like that. Imitation is a way of honouring people.

So what was the reason Severn left WWE? He says it was because he didn’t want to be part of the Ministry of Darkness storyline:

They approached me about putting 666 across my forehead, the mark of the beast. They wanted me to become an Undertaker disciple and I said, ‘Time out, not going to happen. I live in small town USA. I don’t want any repercussions to my family, to my businesses, nor me because there are a lot of people who live in that world where they just don’t know what is real and what is not real and I don’t want any repercussions.’ Vince even said, ‘Dan, do you know how much money you can make doing this?’ I said, ‘Vince I’ve already made money. That’s not why I am here.’

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