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Brie Says Bryan Is Woman of Relationship, Foley Predicts Lesnar, Watch Full 2K15 Panel, Sting Interview

Brie Says She’s More of a Man Than Bryan

In a interview with Behind The Curtain today Brie Bella discussed her relationship with Daniel Bryan.

It’s really funny because he’s very quiet and like when he gets mad, he’ll just be kind of like, “I don’t like what you’re doing right now, what you’re saying. I just need to go in the other room to decompress.” Where I’m like, “DAMNIT!” And like, I voice it really loud. He’s like, “(Gasp) You raised your voice.” I’m like, “That’s not raising my voice!” And he’s like, “That was raising your voice!” So, that’s how we argue. It’s just weird.

I’m more I think the man, and he’s like the woman in the relationship.

Check out the British interviewer’s other videos, he’s really good.

Mick Foley Gives Summerslam Pick

Unsurprisingly Mick Foley is predicting a win for Brock Lesnar tonight:

Well, I’m on my way home from Los Angeles after a run of 7 #HardcoreLegend shows throughout California – but I kind of wish I was staying just to watch the WWE World heavyweight championship match. I have a feeling that the atmosphere surrounding the match is going to be something special, and I firmly believe that Brock Lesnar will walk away from that match as the new champion. I certainly hope there is no vomit or urine involved…though I would not mind seeing a little blood. But following the #SummerSlam victory over John John Cena that I think he will attainment, I see Paul Heymans client,Brock Lesnar emerging from #Summerslam as an unstoppable force.

Watch Full WWE 2K15 Panel With Austin and Sting

This year’s WWE video game panel was focussed on the roster reveal to keep things from getting sidetracked and was hosted by Steve Austin. Check out the full broadcast below:

Sting Talks to Dave Meltzer

Speaking of Sting Dave Meltzer did a rare video interview with him at the same event:

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