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Bret Hart Praises Punk and Bryan, NXT Title Match Preview, Lana Calls Out NXT Diva

Bret Hart Compares Bryan To Owen

Bret Hart was recently interviewed by Sports Vision and praised both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan:

The moves that wrestlers are doing today, the innovating that some of these guys are doing, it all is a throwback to Bret Hart. I think Daniel Bryan reminds me a lot of my brother, Owen. I thought Punk had a lot of Bret Hart-isms in his matches, and little things he did that reminded me of stuff I did.

I just think that as wrestling moves into the future, everyday it goes further and further from my day, I look at the wrestlers today and I realize that they’re carrying the torch of my style. It’s not about strongman spots and Hulk Hogan, and putting one hand behind your ear and working the crowd, and stuff like that. It’s about guys that are out there suplexing each other, and doing a lot of complex wrestling moves, and a lot of action. That’s the kind of wrestling that I brought to the game.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens Promo

Ahead of Wednesday’s NXT Title Match at TakeOver: Rival, champion Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens open up about where their friendship went awry and how Owens’ master plan to challenge for the title came to fruition.

Lana Calls Out Carmella

WWE Diva Lana called out NXT Diva Carmella on Twitter this week.

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