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Billy Gunn’s Theme Lyrics, Renee Young’s New Gig, Female Indy Star Is OK

Is Billy Gunn’s Theme The Worst?

Chris Jericho told the AV Club that he thinks Billy Gunn’s “ass man” theme song has the worst lyrics in the history of wrestling themes:

I like to stick ’em. I like to lick ’em. I like to fix ’em. I like to hit ’em.’ Go online and read the lyrics to Ass Man by Billy Gunn because it’s the worst set of lyrics ever.

Speaking of Jericho, he recently removed his Tweet in support of Bill DeMott.

Renee Young On VH1

WWE’s Renee Young had a guest spot on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live this morning. Here’s the clip:

Kimber Lee Update

Independent wrestler Kimber Lee posted a new video saying she’s fine after taking an unprotected chairshot to the top of the head, and suffering a botched Razor’s Edge in to the corner, at the hands of Chris Dickinson.

The original clip was so brutal it went viral and sparked a male on female violence debate online:

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  • concerned citizen

    Not a big fan of inter-gender matches personally, but Its not about male on female violence. She is responsible for her own decisions and choices, in this case. (that’s another topic altogether!)
    This is a situation of “supposed” trained professionals behaving carelessly and recklessly – putting their bodies at an EXTREME and unnecessary risk what I can only assume is for the sake of garnering attention to themselves (which they did – “Congratulations!” for that…)
    If they are looking at EVER making it to the big leagues, this is most definitely NOT the way to go about it. NO one is going to even remotely consider signing someone who: a) take foolish risks for no apparent reason and b) doesn’t consider that by taking these risks, they are lucky if they are able to walk and turn their heads by the age of 40. Enjoy your youth while you can – it won’t last forever!

    • Keelan Balderson

      Totally agree.

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