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Big Show Fights Khali Backstage? Batista DVD Update, Matt Hardy Calls Out TMZ

Chris Masters Recalls Big Show vs Khali Fight

In a recent AMA on Reddit former WWE star Chris Masters recalled a backstage fight between Big Show and Great Khali. Apparently Show was annoyed that Khali was using the chop and lunged at him, but ended up falling over and giving Khali the advantage.

Masters also said “most but not all” WWE wrestlers took performance enhancers when he was there.

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Batista Shows Off Eddie Guerrero Car

WWE filmed footage for their upcoming Batista DVD while he was at the Imperials car club in Los Angeles on Sunday. He was there showing off his ’64 Chevrolet Impala, which features a tribute to his friend Eddie Guerrero.

Matt Wants TMZ To Cover Positive Story

Matt Hardy has called out TMZ for only covering negative stories, such as his hotel incident with wife Reby Sky. He wrote:

I have a question. Why doesn’t @TMZ run this story? Ex-WWE Wrestler Matt Hardy meets C.H.A.R.G.E. survivor Cody Goodman in Kentucky, and makes Cody’s dreams come true?Here’s a chance for TMZ to prove that they’re not all about ‘doom & gloom’, but yet about celebrities giving back. The biggest problem that I have with the media right now is the fact that only the negative stuff sees the light of day.. Why would any media outlet not report the great, positive stuff like this story? If you feel the same, go to TMZ and let them know.

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