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Big Bryan Statement, Frye Shoots On Punk & Lesnar, Hulk Training Rapper, WWE Off Hispanic Network

Daniel Bryan Making Announcement On RAW

Daniel Bryan just Tweeted that he has a big announcement to make on RAW tonight. Let’s hope it’s good news!

UFC Legend Don Frye On CM Punk Entering MMA

UFC legend Don Frye didn’t mince words when asked about CM Punk joining the MMA organization. The 49 year old who was around during the first UFC events in the mid 90s, ironically did do some pro wrestling for New Japan and was trained by Mr Perfect. He became more charismatic in his latter years, acting more like a character, so it’s entirely possible he’s half “working” with his comments, though it does seem like he’s just being a dick (to Brock Lesnar at least):

I thought he pulled out like 4 hours after he signed the contract. I thought maybe the common sense fairy came by and tapped him on his shoulder and said ‘hey dumbass, this isn’t WWE.’ I mean god dammit, who’s that big blonde fairy who has the belt for the WWE? [He’s] from North Dakota, or South Dakota, or one of them. East Dakota? The Minnesota Viking. What’s his name? [Brock Lesnar] Yeah Lesnar. Yeah he found out real fast. He was supposed to be god’s answer to Satan, or Satan’s answer to Christ, and he found out real fast that’s not the place to be. He got hit, and man it changed his – he wanted to back, go to work in McDonalds.

I think it’s a pipe dream, you know. It’s a pipe dream. Back when this thing first started out, you know everybody likes to compare the difference; and everybody when they first started, everybody was a world champion. One, or two, or three, or four, or five times world champion at whatever style they were, you know. Or a 10 time national wrestling champ. They had all been doing it for 10, 15, 20 years. And somebody just can’t sit there watching the show on the couch eating Fritos and say ‘hey I think I can do this.’ Nah you’re an idiot. You’re going to get hurt and you to deserve to get hurt for thinking that way.

Speaking of Brock Lesnar here he is in a new Hardee’s commercial:

Hulk Hogan Training Rapper To Wrestle

Hulk Hogan always seems to find a way to get a headline. His latest move is to train 32 year old rapper Jody “Riff Raff” Highroller to wrestle.

Televisa Drops RAW

WWE just can’t seem to recapture the Hispanic audience that peaked during the Eddie Guerrero/ Rey Mysterio, SmackDown era. The latest blow is their relationship ending with Televisia, meaning RAW will now only available on a pay TV package. SmackDown was also recently dropped from TV Azteca.

With Alberto Del Rio gone, Rey Mysterio’s future in doubt and Sin Cara being a flop, they’re going to be trying hard to find the next Hispanic star.

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