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Benoit On TV, Kruger Repackaged, Nowinski Tackling Soccer Injuries

WWE Show Chris Benoit On TV

Chris Benoit who is usually edited out of most WWE broadcasts and DVDs slipped past the filters on this week’s WWE Main Event. He was shown being pinned by Randy Orton in a video package hyping his feud with John Cena.

For those that missed yesterday’s post I’ve started a video podcast series addressing the topics raised in the Chris Benoit Conspiracy article. The first episode looks at the Wikipedia entry that coincidentally listed Nancy Benoit’s death several hours before police discovered the bodies. The next episode will tackle the old theory that Kevin Sullivan could have been involved.

Leo Kruger Drops Silly Hunter Gimmick

NXT star Leo Kruger has been repackaged and is no longer doing the goofy hunter gimmick. He’ll now be playing what is being described as a flamboyant “Russell Brand” type character.

In other developmental news Buddy Murphy suffered a broken jaw when he teamed with Danny Burch, against Mason Ryan and Jason Jordan, on Thursday.

Chris Nowinski Wants Kids Heading Banned In Soccer

Chris Nowinski SoccerAfter helping to raise the issue of untreated concussions in American Football, and then in wrestling following the Benoit Tragedy, Tough Enough star Chris Nowinski is switching his focus to Soccer reports a BBC Sports article.

Mounting evidence suggests that repeated heading of hard soccer balls can cause the same kind of degenerative brain disease found in Boxers, American Football stars and wrestlers like Chris Benoit and Test.

His organization the Sports Legacy Institute are campaigning to get heading banned in children’s soccer matches.

“Based on all this research, we know we’re giving some of those kids a chance of brain damage because we choose to introduce contact so young,” said Nowinski, who retired from his WWE career early after suffering a concussion.

“If we have so many other options out there, like we get them running and being active, why play sports which include hundreds of blows to the head, knowing how bad the consequences are? It’s much smarter to do it when they’re teenagers and in their 20s when the brain is more developed and there are medical people on the sidelines during games. We can still play those games without contact but who thinks it’s a good idea to hit a 10-year-old in the head 200 or 300 times a season?”

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