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Bella Twins Leaving WWE? Hart Family Memer Rips DeMott, Stasiak Resurfaces, HHH HOF Videos

Bella Twins Not Renewing Contracts?

One of the stories on Sunday’s Total Divas revolved around the Bella Twins choosing not to renew their WWE contracts when they expire. This was filmed back in November, so it’s not entirely clear what their status is, but they Tweeted the following after the show aired:

Until more comes out we won’t be certain about whether they’re really leaving. After all “reality” shows are far from reality in most cases.

Smith Hart Baffled DeMott Ever Got The Job

Hart family member Smith Hart told that he was baffled Bill DeMott ever got his trainer’s role in the first place:

I believe we have totaled 12 WWE Hall of Famers and more than 16 former Worlds Champions. I myself was proud to have passed on my experience to all my brothers particularly Owen & Bret or in laws like Davey, Jim and Dynamite as well as other notable students such as Chris Benoit, The Highlanders, Eric Young and Tye Dillinger amongst others.

I never had the occasion to meet Bill Demott, but I have seen his work both in WCW and WWE and was not impressed. With all the accusations prevalent, many questions remain unanswered. What the hell did Bill Demott ever accomplish to warrant being placed in charge of WWE’s developmental system? How did this fat, out of shape, mid-card jobber get the leading training position in the largest sports entertainment entity on the planet? What could such an oaf possible know about strength and conditioning let alone wrestling instruction?

In a system that includes former world champions like Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, William Regal and Terry Taylor what qualified Bill Demott? How were notable trainers with proven track records like Dory Funk, Lance Storm, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Les Thatcher or my brothers Bruce or Bret passed over in favor of General Rection/Hugh Morrus? Why did the esteemed co-trainers of developmental cow-towed to such a reprobate? And why were the well-recruited select and qualified aspirants subjected to such abuse? This whole situation seemed baffling to say the least.

After a backlash from fans Jim Ross clarified his recent blog on the situation:

Perhaps because my lack of writing expertise or maybe some simply wanted to believe what they chose to believe regarding what I wrote in my last blog about former WWE NXT Head Coach Bill DeMott so I will attempt to clarify my stance on this matter.

Firstly, I do not endorse the old school method of coaching whether it be on an athletic field, the gym or in pro wrestling classes. I do believe in pushing students to improve in all areas of their game and their presentation and to challenge them to achieve every thing that they envision earning as it relates to their career. The physical and mental toughness that is required to be a successful pro wrestler can be ascertained during drills and other exercises in the camp quite easily. Most talent evaluators can determine rather quickly, as in a few days, if someone has what it takes to thrive and grow in most pro wrestling camps.

I do not endorse any type of bigoted or bullying behavior in any walk of life and not just in sports or entertainment. How could any reasonable person embrace such behavior?

Many people have taken me to task about what I wrote recently about Bill DeMott and some reacted very callously and with no respect, apparently not practicing what they preach. Many of these people I’ve answered and very few have I ‘blocked’ even though their expressing themselves was often times hurtful.

Shawn Stasiak Releases Video

Former WWE and WCW star Shawn Stasiak released a new video revealing himself to still be in awesome shape:

Triple H Induction Videos

WWE have uploaded several videos from Triple H’s induction in to the International Sports Hall of Fame this past weekend:

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