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Batista’s Return RAW Preview, Confirmed Rumble Entrants, Mark Henry Interview

On The Cards For Tonight’s RAW are hyping the following points for tonight’s RAW, from the Wright State University’s Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. The show is built around Batista’s big return.

– Paul Heyman has often said that Brock Lesnar doesn’t fight for free, but might The Beast Incarnate break his rule when he faces The World’s Largest Athlete on Raw?

– Will Batista confront Alberto Del Rio face to face?

– Can Daniel Bryan evade the Bray Wyatt’s wrath, or is their gruesome rivalry finally coming to a head?

– How will John Cena respond to Randy Orton’s heinous actions in the last Raw before their match?

– Has CM Punk’s anti-Authority mentality resurrected The Big Red Monster?

Royal Rumble Match Entrants So Far

There are currently 16 confirmed entrants in to the Royal Rumble match, with more expected to be revealed tonight:

Alberto Del Rio
Big E Langston
The Miz
Xavier Woods
Kofi Kingston
Cody Rhodes
Rey Mysterio
CM Punk
Bad News Barrett
Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns

Mark Henry Discusses His WWE Career

Mark Henry recently discussed various aspects of his WWE career with The Soscia Network:

Here are some highlights …

Debuting against Jerry Lawler:

It was probably the most scared I’d ever been. I didn’t really understand that world as a performer, only as a fan. At one point, I remember throwing Jerry Lawler so hard that he didn’t touch either rope. He just went straight through and hit the barricade. I was too new and green to realize the pressure.

Who were his mentors:

I grew up learning from guys like Ron Simmons and Owen Hart. They were like mentors to me, so I was able to embrace what they taught me and I think I did alright.

His injuries, including the time when the rope broke in developmental:

I tried to do stuff I shouldn’t be doing and that was one of the reasons I got hurt. I tore my quad and that was brutal. I was lucky I held onto the rope. If I hadn’t held the rope, I probably would have taken a backwards fall and lawn darted myself. That would have been the worst thing that could have happened. The first thing they teach you is to grab that top rope, when you hit them. It’ll save your life, it saved mine. I went through four months of pain.

Which WWE Superstars are the strongest:

Antonio Cesaro is beyond naturally strong. He trains hard, but he’s got that strength you don’t expect him to have. But above him it would have to be [John] Cena, Brock [Lesnar], Big E [Langston], Ryback. The true measure of strength is through a squat and deadlift. Cena and Big E are well above everyone else.

His famous “retirement” promo and turning on Cena:

I’m a performer at heart and want to have the best performance. You just find a place in your mind where there’s a trigger and you can go from being happy to emotional in a heartbeat if you’re there and I was mentally there.

I had so many people call about that. Arsenio Hall, Big Show and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin [reached out].

Austin said he smelled a rat. I was like, ‘If you smelled a rat, it’s in your house.’ Nobody saw that coming. He was like, ‘I’ve been around too long kid. I could smell a rat in a woodpile.’

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