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Batista’s Return Announced On RAW, Y2J Rumble Update, SD Rating Rises

Batista Back On RAW In January

Since Batista’s return was leaked WWE decided to go all out and hype it on last night’s RAW. A video package revealed that he’ll be coming back on the January 20th episode of RAW from the Wright State University’s Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.

The Animal Tweeted:
“I can’t wait to get to the Cheesefest in Hoakietown and punch somebody right In the f’n face! Playtime’s over children.”

Jericho Downplays Return Rumors

Chris Jericho RumbleChris Jericho who recently teased a return at the Royal Rumble on Twitter, downplayed the rumors yesterday. He is making an appearance with Sheamus at the World of Wheels in Pittsburgh, the night before the PPV, but now says that this is just a “coincidence”.

In a recent interview with he also said he’s very busy:

“I don’t really have the itch. I’m super busy with all the stuff I’m doing, between Fozzy tours, we’re getting ready to record a new record, the podcast, “But I’m Chris Jericho,” which is another big hit. I’m also finishing my third book. There’s a lot of stuff going on. Having said that, I’d be open to it, but I haven’t had any conversations or anything like that. It’s WrestleMania. Anybody that’s been in WWE wants to be involved. If I’m there, it’ll be awesome and I’ll do everything I can to have the best match on the show. If I’m not, I’ll have a great time watching it, I’m sure.”

SmackDown Audience Is Up

Last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown on Syfy drew 2,724,000 viewers, up from the previous week’s 2,686,000 number.

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  • Maar

    It is about time that Batista returns. I am already getting tired of all
    those noobs like Axel, The Shield, Sincara, and even Cena, Real
    Americans, and..etc. WWE needs some real ass kickers such as Lesnar and
    Batista. Langston is on the good way to become one and Ryback is also
    not far behind. Everything else in WWE is more or less a joke. Ok, Henry
    is still cool and the Big Show too.

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