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Batista Tweets About Fan Hate, Jake Roberts Update, WWE Working On Network Issues

Batista Responds To Negative Fan Reaction

Batista posted the following on Twitter in response to the negative reaction he’s been getting from fans:

Seems that people think Im joking when I say I don’t let the opinions of negative asshole dictate my life. Think again.. #onelife Peace!

By the way…I left because I had to not because I wanted to. And I came back because I wanted to not because I had to. #dreamchaser

Jake Roberts Pre-Surgery Video

DDP has uploaded a video of Jake Roberts prior to today’s cancer surgery.

WWE Issues Statement About Streaming Problems

WWE issued another statement on Facebook regarding buffering and quality problems with the Network content:

We are currently experiencing technical issues with @WWENetwork’s video-on-demand library affecting 20 percent of viewers. Working with MLBAM, we expect to have this issue fully resolved by 6 p.m. tonight.

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