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Batista Returns On RAW, Jake Roberts On Warrior In HOF, Sin Cara Released?

January 20, 2014, WWE RAW Results

Batista returns WWE

– Batista returned and made his intentions to headline Wrestlemania clear to former partner Randy Orton.

– The Shield def. Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston & WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust, when Rollins hit the head stomp on Langston.

– Daniel Bryan addressed Bray Wyatt and their match at Royal Rumble. Bray responded saying “From now on, everything that happens to you is your fault.”

– Fandango def. Xavier Woods, with a top-rope leg drop.

– WWE Director of Operations Kane apologized to CM Punk, but Punk responded by hitting him with the mic. Before Kane snapped, Brad Maddox came down and offered him Billy Gunn one on one, after rock paper scissors with Road Dogg.

– CM Punk def. Billy Gunn, and was announced as the first entrant in to the Royal Rumble as Kane’s punishment.

– Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio by targeting his injured arm. After the match Batista gave Del Rio the Batista Bomb.

– Big Show called out Brock Lesnar, and tossed him around like a rag doll.

– The Funkadactyls def. Divas Champion AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka.

– The Usos def. The Wyatt Family.

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Kofi Kingston via Disqualification, after Cena interfered.

Jake Roberts Calls Warrior Untalented

In a recent interview with Busted Open radio, Jake Roberts had an interesting response to Ultimate Warrior going in to the WWE Hall of Fame over him:

“I know, man! I know that. But maybe they’re taking in assholes and not great talent. I don’t know.”

On whether he himself deserves it:

“Well whether you deserve it or not is not up to me man. And my life isn’t dependent upon that. If it doesn’t happen this year, maybe it’ll happen next year. I can only hope. I’m not going to let that take me down, man. Where as before, I could think of any reason to get high. ‘I didn’t get this; I didn’t get that; they screwed me over this; they screwed me over that.’ Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can fabricate any bullsh*t. But right now I’m just stating what’s the truth. The truth is I’m not in there and that’s okay. That’s okay. Look, I came back to Raw, brother! And I stole the f’ing show.”

Sin Cara Returns To Mexico

In a sign that WWE are letting Sin Cara’s contract expire, he has returned to Mexico and will be back in the ring in February. Going forward the Sin Cara character in WWE will continue to be played by Hunico.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    Langston sold the head stomp very well, it was a positive surprise :) also the powerbomb on del rio was awesome. nothing about the matches or moves bothered me too much. Too much talking and standing around I feel, it took some impact away from the episode. But that is only my opinion :)

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