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Batista Return Update, Indy Wrestler Brags About Tryout, Former WWE Writer Interview

More Batista Appearances Emerging

Batista returning WWEBacking up the idea that Batista will be returning for a Wrestlemania run, more appearances are beginning to emerge. On top of the February 16, 2014, Las Vegas date, he is now advertised the night before at the US Airways Center show. It’s unlikely he’d just make random off air appearances, so expect him to return to TV before those dates, possibly at the Royal Rumble in January.

Right now Batista’s schedule is clear until around August when he’ll have to start doing the media rounds to promote the Guardians of The Galaxy movie.

Mentallo Brags About WWE Tryout

Canadian Indy wrestler “The Zombie Hunter” Mentallo was a little boastful about his recent tryout at the WWE Performance Center. He wrote on Facebook:

“Many Winnipeg Wrestling “EXPERTS” always said WWE would never be interested in guys like myself, how we’re VANILLA MIDGETS and DON’T WRESTLE WWE’s STYLE. Hope you like DEEZ NUUUTTS in your mouth! Don’t get it confused, this isn’t that “trans yourself to OVW crap”, they INVITED & PAID FOR ME. To all the promoters who don’t want to use me on all your shows, guess you know better than WWE. I’ll be looking for your stocks on Wall Street. On my Worst Behaviour! Turn Up!”

Let’s hope this rant doesn’t harm his future chances.

Andrew Goldstein Video Interview

Former WWE creative writer Andrew Goldstein is featured in a new one hour interview with The Sports Courier. He discusses growing up a wrestling fan, working for Vince McMahon, the rise of Daniel Bryan and much more:

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    I’ve never like batista that much. But it’s okay, if he’ll wrestle for a while. Lesnar vs batista maybe for WM then? And the way wwe works, it may be that Mentallo is out :/

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