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Batista On Fans Hijacking Show, JR Working With UFC, Hogan On ESPN, SmackDown Results

Batista Discusses Return and Fans Hijacking Show

In a recent interview with DC 101 Radio Batista discussed his return to WWE:

Being back in it and seeing that the guys are young and hungry, it gives me a great outlook on the business, and there’s a lot of talent in there, it’s stuff that I didn’t see before I actually came back. It’s good, it’s a good vibe.

Batista also discussed the recent trend of fans hijacking the shows:

It’s really gotten weird, because the TV audience now, they do things that, to me, just don’t make any sense. Like, they’ll start these chants that have absolutely nothing to do with the show, but they don’t do that on house shows. It’s different. The best way I can put it is now, our television audience – the people who actually come to the televised show – they used to want to watch the show, they used to want to participate, and now it’s like the want to be the show. It’s really strange and it doesn’t really make sense. Sometimes I think they miss out on what actually happens because they’re so concerned about chanting stuff that they has something to do with something they read on the Internet. They just want to have a lot more control with the show, and I think they’re selling themselves short, because they’re missing out on what’s going on.

It’s the whole show that they’re missing out on. I love that they love Daniel Bryan. It’s great. He deserves all of his success. But at the same time, we can’t have 16 segments of Daniel Bryan. They would get bored really fast. He’s a star on the show, he’s gonna be out there eventually. If you chant his name through every other match that’s going on, it’s just – they’re missing out.

JR Working On UFC Project

Jim Ross recently visited UFC headquarters in Las Vegas, and has agreed to do an interview for a feature on UFC Fight Pass – their online network.

Hulk Hogan On Spanish ESPN

Here’s a recent clip of Hulk Hogan on Naci N ESPN, the Spanish version of SportsNation:

March 28, 2014, WWE SmackDown Results

– Batista opened the show expressing his disappointment at the fans reaction to his return. Triple H interrupted and said Batista had gone soft during his Hollywood hiatus but offered him redemption in a match with Sheamus.

– The Shield’s Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins def. 3MB, but Kane and the Outlaws announced that they’ll be having another match against Rybaxel.

– Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins def. RybAxel. After the match Roman Reigns hit the Superman punch on Ryback and the trio delivered a Triple Powerbomb.

– Sin Cara def. Damien Sandow, with a rollup.

– Fandango def. Goldust, when Summer Rae made a distraction.

– Sheamus def. Batista via Disqualification, when Batista snapped and used the chair, sending a message to Triple H.

– The Bella Twins def. AJ Lee & Tamina. Tamina turned on AJ by pushing her through the ropes.

– Jack Swagger def. Jimmy Uso, with the Patriot Lock.

– Mark Henry def. The Miz, with the World’s Strongest Slam.

– Bray Wyatt def. Big Show, with Sister Abigail after Luke Harper gave a cheap shot.

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