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Batista Done With WWE, Punk Merch Slashed, Ascension Debuts, Trish Respects Bully, Foley Thanks WWE

Batista Basically Done With WWE

After the success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Batista is unlikely to ever return to WWE as a regular performer. He is already reportedly locked in for a sequel, the third Avengers movie and most likely other Marvel movies. His performance as Drax has also opened up several other opportunities, including the Kickboxer remake.

Basically even if he wanted to come back he’s already too busy over the next few years in Hollywood, by which time he’ll be in his late 40s.

Of course a one off match or appearance here or there is likely, but it looks like he’s done with WWE as a career.

WWE Responds To Punk’s Legal Letter

Likely in response to CM Punk’s recent legal letter to WWE demanding royalties for his merchandise and appearance in WWE 2K15, the company have slashed all of his remaining items on WWE Shop to ridiculously low prices. This means Punk will be getting much less than if the items were sold at regular prices.

WWE were initially withholding royalties because of “breach of contract,” but WWE may have backed down to avoid a lawsuit.

The Ascension Debuts On Main Event

NXT tag team The Ascension quietly debuted on last night’s WWE Main Event on the Network. They defeated Los Matadores. The current team consists of Konnor and Viktor, who have held the NXT Tag Team Championships for nearly a year.

Bully Ray Nearly Inducted Trish Stratus?

Trish Stratus recently told SLAM! Wrestling that Bully Ray was on the shortlist to induct her in to the WWE Hall of Fame:

I think fans would be surprised to know that Bubba Ray Dudley [TNA’s Bully Ray] was on the list. He’s on it because he was kind of giving me a trust/tough love when I first came in. But once I proved myself to him, he really opened up and was really kind and giving and would advise me on a lot of things. So when we finally worked together, once he saw that I was willing to take the table and I used to tell him: ‘Don’t protect me, don’t go easy on me, I just want to do it and do it good and make the fans proud,’ and he appreciated that. So we’ve became really close friends and we had a great relationship and he really helped me a lot.

Foley Comments On Monday War Episode

Mick Foley wrote the following on Facebook after watching the Foley themed Monday Night War episode last night on the Network:

Dear Mr McMahon;
Thank you. I am beyond grateful, and feel that this episode of #TheMondayNightWar might just be the bridge that brings me back home to #WWE. Hard to believe that such an amazing bridge can be built for only $9.99 a month.


Mick Foley
3X WWE Champion

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