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Batista Brawls With DJ, WWE TV Deal Update, Naomi Wearing Patch, Maria Interview

Batista Scuffles With Winnipeg DJ

Cam Carson BatistaIn what may have been a publicity stunt, according to live fan reports Batista “scuffled” with Winnipeg Power 97 DJ Cam Carson, at the recent house show.

Carson was sitting ringside and talked some trash with the Animal, but when he turned to enter the ring the DJ slapped him on the back. This prompted Batista to shove him to his chair. Security then kept him from retaliating.

After a match with Big Show, Batista gave Carson the finger and he tried to jump the rail, which led to security escorting him away.

In a sign that this may be a publicity stunt, Carson had actually been promoting the show all week on the radio and the station was listed as a sponsor. It’s also possible that he reacted this way for his own publicity and Batista and WWE weren’t in on it.

WWE Talks To Fox and Viacom

WWE have talked to Fox, AMC and Viacom regarding the rights to their flagship programming. NBC Universal did not make an offer during their exclusive negotiation window allowing WWE to talk with other networks.

The move was a gamble on both sides in that if the other Networks don’t offer WWE what they want then NBC can renew for a lower figure. However it’s also likely other Networks will offer above and beyond, leading NBC in to a bidding war if they want to keep WWE.

Viacom is of course the parent company of Spike TV, which airs TNA Impact and Bellator MMA. You could imagine a scenario where Viacom would want a block of wrestling including Impact which they’re very happy with in terms of ratings, but it’s not something WWE would likely accept. Even if WWE went Mondays on Spike, it’s more likely that a B show or SmackDown would replace TNA.

WWE’s Chief Financial Officer George Barrios told Business Week:

“We think we’ll be able to announce a new domestic rights partner at the end of April or beginning of May.”

Naomi Wearing Eye Patch Following Injury

Naomi posted a photo shoot of herself on Instagram wearing an eye patch. She is still recovering from the injury sustained on RAW several weeks back, when Aksana knee dropped her in the face. Doctors have not permitted her to fly so she has been missing a lot of Total Divas promotional work.

Maria Apologizes To The Bellas

Former WWE Diva Maria continues to apologize to the Bellas after several months of calling them out for allegedly nixing her WWE return. It got quite humorous at one point, with reports that the ladies’ fathers even got involved.

Maria told Between The Ropes this week:

Here’s the thing. I was asked to go back last year (to WWE). It fell through and that is all I know. I mean I had heard lots of other things. I had heard other things from different people. But at the end of the day, the fact is I didn’t go back. So no matter what happened and who knows, I mean I don’t know nobody knows what really happened. But I didn’t go back and I’m very happy to be at Ring of Honor. So, I apologized to the Bellas for everything that happened and that was it. I talked to them (the Bellas) and decided you know what, water under the bridge and that’s it. I guess I could be angry forever, but I’m not going to be (laughing). Because there’s no reason for it. I don’t want to be angry or upset because I don’t know.

She also said not going back was a blessing in disguise:

It totally was (blessing in disguise). I realized that within a month of it happening, I realized how much of a blessing it was. I don’t know if I want to be on the road 300 days a year. I don’t know if I want that anymore. I really enjoy my time at home and I enjoy going to school and I enjoy seeing my fiancé at work. I don’t know if I want that life anymore. So maybe some part of the universe decided you know what, you don’t really want that life anymore.

I loved WrestleMania, loved traveling the globe and it was great, fun and exciting, but I’ve done it. So for me, this is exactly where I should be now. I have no hard feelings whatsoever with anybody. I just want all women in wrestling to succeed now. I’m getting married later this year and Big Daddy V passed away and that was so tragically sad. I just have no desire to angry, no desire whatsoever.

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