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Band Calls For Attack On CM Punk, Kevin Steen NXT Video, Zack Ryder Update, Mickie James Talks WWE Return

Ben Weasel Wants Fans To Attack CM Punk

Screeching Weasel frontman Ben Weasel has called for his female fans to attack CM Punk, after he read old Twitter comments from Punk challenging him to a fight. Punk’s comments were made after Weasel was filmed punching a female fan who was disrupting his performance and throwing ice. He punched a second female audience member who jumped on the stage and attacked him.

Okay gang, CM Punk’s been running his mouth again and it’s time to teach him a lesson. Who’s CM Punk, you ask (along with the rest of the world)? Some washed up, burnt-out, has-been former wrestler who’s been reduced to hanging out on Twitter challenging guys half his size to fist fights, that’s who. I wish I was joking.
Yours truly was targeted by the big goof when he saw a YouTube video purportedly showing me hitting two women while on stage in Austin TX a few years ago. In fact I was hugging those ladies with my fists, not that it’s any of his business. But the slobbering nitwit still challenged me to a fight, I guess so women will feel like he’s a really great guy.

Well, guess what? I don’t believe our female fans are delicate flowers in need of the protection of some oily mouth-breather who runs around in his underwear pretending to fight other men for a living. I think you ladies can hold your own. Heck, I KNOW you can.

So I’m challenging all our female fans – including all our M-F transgender fans – to stand up with us on stage at our show in Chicago on 11/22 and challenge the big goon to a fight. He thinks it’s so easy to slug a chick? Let’s see him try!

This is not a joke. If you’re up to the challenge and can throw a solid punch, or even just kick a gym-muscled bully in his shriveled-up, steroid-ravaged nuts, post in this thread. Our road manager Kotton will contact you if we can use your help. Let’s shut this buffoon’s mouth once and for all!

Here’s the video that prompted CM Punk to Tweet him:

Kevin Steen Debut Promo Video

NXT has started running promo videos for Kevin Steen’s debut. He’s now going by the name Kevin Owens, after his son Owen:

Zack Ryder’s Injury

Zack Ryder revealed in a new video update that he opted not to have surgery on a torn rotator cuff and instead had a stem cell injection. He will need 6-8 weeks out of the ring.

Ryder was injured during a match with Rusev:

Mickie James Open To WWE Return

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Mickie James continues to discuss a potential return to WWE following her pregnancy. She told the Miami Herald:

I had a pretty intense delivery. I expected to already be back in the gym to at least start the road to getting fit. I was just cleared a few days ago to return to the gym, and even then, it’s in the sense of taking it easy and easing my way into it. I’m a little apprehensive and nervous about actually physically ready to return. I have made that commitment now, so I don’t want to back out of it. It really only gives me less than four weeks to get back into a reasonable amount of shape and hopefully be ready. I’m going to take it as a learning thing. It’s the first time I would be in the ring since February. I was still wrestling before I found out. I was one-and-a-half or two months pregnant when I found out. I had no idea. I was pretty much in the best shape I had been in since I would say when I first debuted in WWE. I was training pretty hard at that point because I was trying to get back in to it.

Mickie says she would rather wrestle for WWE than be a trainer:

Things have changed since then. I think, ‘I’m better than 90 percent of the talent on TV now. Why am I going to step to the side to just train the future?’ I’m not ready to do that, and I’m not trying to be arrogant and self-absorbed. I can see how it can come off that way, but it’s the truth. You look at least 75 percent or at least 80 percent on TV now. I know in my heart of hearts that I can draw more money than them and that I am better than them. I can put more asses in the seats than them. Why would I want to step aside? This is an ego thing, obviously. It’s about knowing your worth and your talent as well. Why would I step aside to allow them to continue to be on top when you know you not only deserve to be there, but you deserve to be the best or one of the best. That is where my mind was over a year ago when I was first considering this whole thing. I was real intense about it. Obviously, now I have more than myself to think about. My position on it has changed in a sense that it’s not about just me anymore.

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