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Austin Wrestling At Next Year’s Mania? Current Rumble Entrants, WWE Responds To New Lawsuit

JR Says Austin Is Healthy To Wrestle

In his latest blog Jim Ross says he believes Steve Austin is healthy enough to wrestle at next year’s Wrestlemania in Texas.

Enjoyed spending some quality time this past weekend with Steve Austin in Los Angeles. He is looking great and would be a perfect fit, in my opinion, to return to the ring in Dallas next year for WM32. Perhaps I should say in Arlington, Texas as the Dallas Cowboys actually play their games in Arlington.

Austin has often said that he’s fit enough to get back in the ring, but never quite confirms that he actually wants to. Only time will tell.

Rumble Match Entrants List

Here are the current names confirmed to be entering this year’s WWE Royal Rumble match:

* Ryback
* Dolph Ziggler
* Jimmy Uso
* Jey Uso
* R-Truth
* Damien Sandow
* The Miz
* Fernando
* Diego
* Fandango
* Justin Gabriel
* Goldust
* Stardust
* Big Show
* Kane
* Daniel Bryan
* Dean Ambrose
* Bray Wyatt
* Bad News Barrett
* Roman Reigns
* Rusev

As noted yesterday, the plan is for at least one NXT star to enter, and there will no doubt be a few surprise names as well.

WWE Dismisses New Lawsuit

Unsurprisingly WWE have dismissed the latest lawsuit from Big Vito and former developmental wrestler Adam Mercer. They followed Billy Jack Haynes, alleging that WWE downplayed their injuries and concussions, which resulted in permanent damage.

WWE’s bulldog Lawyer Jerry McDevitt commented:

This lawsuit is virtually identical to one filed by the same lawyers in Oregon, neither of which have any merit. WWE has never concealed any medical information related to concussions, or otherwise, from our Talent. WWE was well ahead of sports organizations in implementing concussion management procedures and policies as a precautionary measure as the science and research on this issue emerged. We will vigorously contest this lawsuit.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    This is the first year I can safely say I am not sure what direction they will go… Could be Reigns, Bryan, Wyatt as front runners, but could see Ziggler as well… and a good winner depends on the winner of the 3 way- which I see as Rollins or Cena pinning either Rollins or Cena, because that’s how you take a belt off a guy without killing his status. So if Cena wins, I guess you gotta have Wyatt or Bryan win, and if Rollins wins, you go Ambrose or Reigns and possibly Ziggler, and if Lesanr keeps, you go Bryan, as he is the only one with enough build up from last year’s mania to take on a Lesnar. But any way you slice it, i really can’t see a clear build.

    Of course, this makes it all the more exciting to watch.

  • ReallyPeople?

    Also, Austin is fit, but he is similar to Edge after his broken neck that the next bump could be his last bump. I highly doubt, especially since he is so successful in other projects and still pretty young, that he will risk his future for a match that really would do nothing to further the business or his career…unless its Sting. All bets would be off if it were Sting vs. Austin.

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