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Austin Talks Punk Situation, Punk Signs Confiscated, NXT Network Update

Steve Austin Discusses CM Punk’s Walk Out

Steve Austin who famously walked out on a match with Brock Lesnar, discussed the CM Punk situation on the Arsenio Hall Show. He thinks the walk out is the “real deal”, but that Punk will probably return in the end.

Punk Signs Removed At NXT

Speaking of CM Punk there were a lot of rowdy fans at last night’s NXT tapings, chanting his name and holding up signs. Fan reports claim most of those signs were confiscated.

This is troubling for several reasons, not least because WWE haven’t even officially announced he’s gone. You can’t just airbrush one of the top stars out of the fans’ minds with no explanation.

(Wouldn’t it be a great storyline move to do that with Daniel Bryan? Remove signs and tell the audience not to chant?)

Me and the Suplah hosts discussed the Daniel Bryan Rumble fiasco and whether it was planned or a mistake, in a recent episode:

WWE Hypes First NXT PPV

WWE are hyping the February 27, 2014, debut of NXT on the WWE Network as the first NXT PPV.

The event will feature Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro in a Ladder Match. And John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash and Paul Heyman, are all booked for appearances.

Lesnar On Pre Network RAW

In other Network news Brock Lesnar’s next RAW will be the February 24th post-Elimination Chamber episode, which is directly before the Network is launched.

WWE just surpassed 10 million App downloads, which means a lot of people will get a prompt asking them to sign up to the Network on the day.

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