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Austin Launching Beer, NWO Reuniting For RAW, 3 Count Dance Again, Foley Turns Down WWE

The Deal Austin Should Have Made Years Ago

In a move that’s a no brainer Steve Austin is working on making his own beer brand. He told Rolling Stone:

I can’t really announce anything yet but we’re working on the paperwork right now. I’m also working on another lifestyle-orientated thing that I’m excited about too, but since you brought the beer up, I’m anticipating getting everything finalized so I can get in the tasting room, come up with the formula and create the beer. It’s almost a done deal.

Why didn’t somebody think of this during the Attitude Era?!

RAW Reunion Special Announced

The American Airlines in Dallas may have jumped the gun by promoting “RAW Reunion”, which will take place on January 19th. They’re advertising Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for the special themed episode.

Shawn Michaels is also being advertised.

Evan Karagias Loses His Abs

Former WCW boy band parody 3 Count got back together for the recent WrestleCade event. Shannon Moore and Shane Helms were there, as was Evan Karagias, but he forgot his abs. But where is their bodyguard Tank Abbott?

Mick Foley Missing WWE Christmas

Mick Foley revealed on Facebook that he was originally asked before Hogan to be Santa on next week’s RAW, but his prior commitments got in the way:

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