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Austin Fires Back At Hogan, Barrett On Internet Fans, Video of Sting At 2K15 Event, WWE Merch Sales

Steve Austin Responds To Coward Comment

In an interview with Rolling Stone Steve Austin responded to Hulk Hogan’s incessant requests for a match. Hogan recently called Austin a coward for ignoring him:

The last time I talked to Hulk was at SummerSlam, but I didn’t even bring up the podcast because we were just sitting in the hallway. Now he’s been making the rounds calling me a coward, trying to get a match out of me [laughs], so I’ve not talked to Hulk Hogan.

When asked if Hogan was just working or being serious about a match, Austin replied: “I think he’s doing both. It’s interesting. Maybe on the live show I’ll have a retort.”

Wade Barrett Discusses Internet Fans

Talking to the Huffington Post Wade Barrett says internet fans can no longer be ignored:

Traditionally, WWE used to shy away from that internet kind of fan base. But I think increasingly, in life in general and every aspect of entertainment, social media, the internet fan base is now massive. It’s gone from being a minority of people who use that kind of thing — Twitter and forums — to pretty much everybody in some respect. With Instagram and Facebook, the Internet fanbase is the masses nowadays, so I think you’re foolish not to embrace that. WWE has been at the forefront of embracing that in the entertainment industry.

Sting At 2K15 Launch Video

Here is a video from the Midnight Mayhem Launch of WWE 2K15 earlier this month in San Francisco, with Sting:

Should WWE Merchandise Revenue Be Shared?

In today’s Facebook video update I posed the question “Should John Cena SHARE his merchandise money with those that put him over?” After all, wrestling is team effort and heels get disproportionately less merch sales than faces, as brought up by CM Punk on Colt Cabana’s podcast:

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