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Austin To Ask Vince McMahon About Punk, RAW Preview, A Union In WWE? Y2J Responds To Punk

Vince McMahon Doing Austin Podcast After RAW

Steve Austin will be doing a special version of his podcast following RAW on the WWE Network with Vince McMahon! Austin teased in an interview with that he’s going to ask about the CM Punk situation:

Nothing is off limits. There’s a line that I won’t cross, but that’s for my standards — nothing that WWE has told me. There are many things I’d like to ask him. I’d like to know what’s going on with CM Punk. I’d like to know how Daniel Bryan’s health is. I’d like to know whose idea it was in Atlanta [that made me] take my ball and go home in 2002. I reacted the worst way possible, but I want to know who came up with that masterpiece of an idea. Guys like me come along very seldom in the wrestling business. You can count ’em on a couple of fingers.

Perhaps we’re going to get a modern version of “Bret screwed Bret.”

Chris Jericho Responds To Punk’s Comments

During the podcast with Colt Cabana, CM Punk called out Chris Jericho for angling to get him on Talk Is Jericho. Y2J responded to this in a new video, saying he only text Punk as a friend when he left WWE and never pushed the idea of a podcast, even though Punk agreed to one. In fact Jericho says Punk pulled out at the last minute:

Cyber Monday RAW Preview are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s “Cyber Monday” themed RAW:

– Will the Anonymous Raw General Manager serve the best interests of the WWE Universe or their own? Also, will we finally learn the identity of this shady GM?

– The New Day take on Gold & Stardust.

– Will the ravenous Ryback teach Kane a new meaning of the phrase, “take a seat”?

– Will AJ ever be able to reclaim her prize from Nikki?

– How will Dolph Ziggler impress this week?

Val Venis On A Union In Wrestling

Former WWE star Val Venis says the idea of having a Union in WWE to safeguard wrestlers could bring with it a whole range of new negative problems, such as corruption and bias towards veterans:

A union in @WWE would have destroyed the passion @CMPunk had 4 the business far quicker than the company itself did. A unionized @wwe would crush talent motivation, annihilate the human spirit 2 succeed & destroy the #wwe product. There would be no @CMPunk. Sports unions morph into being all about tenure, NOT talent! This would hurt the @wwe product & destroy talents will to succeed.

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