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Arn Anderson Behind Ziggler, Xavier Woods Faction Update, Triple H Concept Art

Arn Thinks Ziggler Should Get Another Chance

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson called Dolph Ziggler phenomenal in a recent interview with the Post & Courier and hinted that politics may be keeping him down:

He gives everything he’s got, and he does some really phenomenal, athletic stuff. What goes on behind the scenes as far as politics and all that, I try to stay away from. I just do the bell-to-bell stuff because it’s way above my pay grade.

Shawn Michaels was around a long time before they cut him out and put him in the singles spotlight. Shawn and Marty (Jannetty) must have gotten fired five times from everywhere. What I’m hoping is, not necessarily through attrition, but through a lack of other guys being able to be produced, that Dolph will get a second look in a separate setting. And then maybe he’ll get a chance.

Arn also had positive words for the Wyatts:

Bray Wyatt is a kid that is so talented. He’s so borderline creepy and a genius. There’s that thin line they say. He’s the poster child for that. You can’t not listen to him. When he starts talking, he captivates you.

The other two are so unique. Big Red (Erick Rowan), as we call him, scares me to death. I’m scared to speak to the guy. And the other kid, (Luke) Harper, is as good an in-ring performer as we’ve had. I’m not exaggerating. He’s that good. And if you’ve watched him closely, and watched him in some singles matches on the road, you know what I’m talking about. That kid is great. He’s a big guy who can talk and can move. I think you’re going to hear more about him going forward.

Status of Xavier Woods Faction

The faction of Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston continues to be used on the WWE house shows:

Original Concept Art For Triple H

As noted earlier Triple H revealed on the Talk is Jericho podcast that WWE originally wanted to name him Reginald DuPont Helmsley. The WWE archivist has now also dug up the original concept art for the character, which is very close to what it became:

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