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Another WWE Signee, Reigns Update, WWE Stock Tanks, Swagger Interview, Batista Trailer

WWE Sign Hawaiian Wrestler

Noah Kekoa

WWE have signed a Hawaiian wrestler to NXT, who came out of Afa The Wild Samoan’s WXW school. They issued the following statement:

Noah Kekoa came to the Wild Samoan Pro-Wrestling Training Center as the winner of a Full Scholarship contest offered by the world-renowned wrestling school. Learning from WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan, he began wrestling for WXW and quickly made a name for himself. His height, his impressive Polynesian tattoos, and his wrestling ability made this young Hawa’iian a standout star, and the WXW Heavyweight Champion. His signature phrase: “Just Watch!” takes on a whole new meaning now, be sure to “JUST WATCH” him in the next big step in his professional wrestling career!

On behalf of Afa the Wild Samoan, the Wild Samoan Pro-Wrestling Training Center and WXW Wrestling, congratulations to Noah!

Roman Reigns Wrestles After Head Wound

Roman Reigns hasn’t taken any time off after the recent head injury in Scotland. He went on to beat Orton in a street fight at Thursday’s house show in Newcastle, England.

WWE Stock Down After TV Deal

Because WWE are staying with NBC Universal (USA Network / Syfy) and didn’t manage to double their TV rights fees, stock prices have tanked over 45%. Though they are making more money than they were, they talked the deal up so much that it was still considered a let down to investors.

Swagger Wants More Chest Hair In WWE

Jack Swagger told Huffington Post UK that he’d love to see more Scott Hall and chest hair in WWE:

I have always been a fan of Scott Hall (Razor Ramon). He’s always been one of my favourites and he has one thing that you just don’t get on TV anymore… and that’s chest hair! I think we need tons and tons more chest hair. I can’t grow any so don’t expect it from me. But seriously, I think a Scott Hall/Razor Ramon and Jack Swagger would have an unbelievable match.

Swagger also put over the UK superstars:

Being a Real American I can admit that the British talent roster is amazing. It keeps getting deeper and deeper every year and I think we have more UK superstars on our roster than ever before. I think it’s only a matter of time before there’s a British WWE champion.

Batista Unleashed Trailer have released the trailer for WWE’s upcoming Batista Unleashed DVD set, out in June:

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