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Another Star Thinks Punk Will Be At Mania, Batista Wanted To Be Heel, Mini Foley Documentary

DDP Insists CM Punk Will Be At Wrestlemania

As well as Steve Austin, DDP also believes that CM Punk will return at Wrestlemania.

Austin who was confirmed for the event yesterday, told the Boston Herald that he could get more out of Punk in a match than anybody else:

Punk’s fed up with not main-eventing WrestleMania … I could get more out of that guy than anybody else walking Planet Earth. He could have that ultimate ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting with me. Punk’s been around for a long time and he’s a smart guy, but he never stepped into a damn squared circle with the intensity of a guy like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Batista Wanted To Return As Heel

Batista told the Washington Post that he’s not legit angry at the fans and wanted to return as a heel anyway, but Vince wouldn’t let him:

They told me that I was going to come back and be this huge babyface. I said, no, it’s not going to work. They said, no way, they’re dying for you to come back. I said, that’s going to last two minutes, just watch. And sure enough it did.

Mick Foley One Man Show Film

Mick Foley has uploaded a short documentary about his “one man show” tour. Check it out below:

While the venues are packed, audiences seem to be taking a huge leap of faith because no one seems to know what to expect from one of my shows. This excellent 10 minute documentary from filmmaker John Andosca should put inquisitive minds to rest. Enjoy & see you out there on the road!!

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