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Another Sports Yes Chant, Unnamed Wrestler Shoots On CM Punk, Over The Edge Update

High School Chants YES! Before Game

Paul VI high school in Fairfax, Virginia, did a big Daniel Bryan style YES! chant ahead of their Basketball game with local rival Bishop O’Connell on Thursday night. Check out the video of coach Glenn Farrello leading the chant below:

Another Anonymous Letter By WWE Star

The Wrestling Observer have published another letter from an unnamed WWE star, this time speaking out about CM Punk:

Honestly, Punk is being a little b—h. I liked him so much before his run leading to and after that Money in the Bank in Chicago. He’s a guy where you have to be really in his circle for him to I guess open up, which I understand, but being put in a feud with Kane and then with HHH at Mania is not a bad thing. Now I understand he feels this is his last Mania and he wants to main event and really, with the right storyline, that match could main event, but literally after the Tribute to the Troops incident he’s just been difficult. There are so many there that want his spot, that want to say, ‘I need a weekend off to go to UFC.’ I really and fully believe he’s a little jealous of the crowd reactions to Bryan and it’s getting to him—He’s just been such a dick lately. That interview with Ariel, he acted like he was the victim at the Troops taping when Michelle was just joking. Little b—h AJ took it to the wrong level. Do you really think AJ would have a ‘pipe bomb’ interview time or longest Diva champ BS if she wasn’t dating Punk? Punk really doesn’t want to be the face of the company. That’s BS. I hate hearing that s–t. He says he does but this isn’t ROH or OVW. He would b—h so much if he had to do Michael & Kelly at 9 a.m., then fly to a different state (for Raw), do a Make-A-Wish at 1 p.m. and then RAW, then do SmackDown, then do something Wednesday to fly home Thursday to be on the road Friday or Saturday. No way he could handle that for four months. He may come back as soon as Monday or he may never come back, but if never comes back he better remember how many fans he’s f–king over right now, the same way he believes the WWE is f–king him over. And I’m not defending Vince or HHH. Especially HHH, because people are seeing that HHH taking over isn’t as cool as they thought it would be. Outlaws, Nash, X-Pac, Flair, HBK, Batista—yeah must be nice to be HHH friends.

WWE To Edit Over The Edge

WWE issued a statement noting that they will be editing the Over The Edge 1999 PPV, which will be featured on the WWE Network:

“WWE Network will be airing the 1999 Over The Edge pay-per-view. However, portions of the event will be edited out of respect for Owen Hart.”

The event itself did not show Owen’s death, but did capture the reactions of the commentators and talent who decided to carry on with the show. It’s possible WWE will simply edit out the commentators announcing the accident.

In an interview with CBS, Stephanie McMahon explains:

“At the end of the day, we try to do what’s right for our fans and we try to give them exactly what they want to see.”

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