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Another FREE Network Month, The Miz On Roman Reigns Hate, WWE 2K15 On PC Gets Mod Support

WWE Network free for May

WWE are running yet another free promotional month for the WWE Network for new subscribers in May. It seems their verification method isn’t too good however as I’ve already had 2 free months already.

The Miz shoots on the IWC

When asked about fan hatred for Roman Reigns, The Miz told Sam Roberts:

The WWE fans and the bloggers and the Twitter people, they all think they know everything about the WWE and what it takes to be a WWE Superstar. They think they know what’s right. They are entitled to their opinions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is now a problem, but the fact is Roman Reigns works hard. A lot of the things you read are like, ‘they system is giving him the push.’ It’s like who cares if it is or it isn’t? The guy is talented, the guy is good at what he does. If WWE ignored him they’d love him even more. They like people that it’s like, ‘we made him.’ Like Daniel Bryan.

2K embraces modding community

2K have embraced the modding community for the PC version of WWE 2K15, which allows users to alter the files and make their own creations. They have an official modding forum for the game and noted on Twitter that they “support” fans who want to go down this route.

One fan has already changed John Cena’s entrance music so the fans chant “John Cena sucks.”

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