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What Annoyed Styles About TNA? Jesse Sorensen Returning? Booker T Doing iPPV

Production Technique That Annoyed AJ Styles

AJ Styles recently told OffSetTV that one thing he found really annoying about TNA’s production, is that they’d change camera angles during punches. He says he felt that he threw really good punches and this spoiled them, but it was done to protect wrestlers who looked weak without quick cuts.

Jesse Sorensen Returning To TNA?

Jesse Sorensen who left TNA after a career-threatening neck injury, posted the following Tweet, which might suggest he’s planning to return. That or he’s just really in to the programming:

Booker T’s ROW Doing iPPV

Booker T announced on Twitter that his Reality of Wrestling promotion will hold their first iPPV on Saturday, July 26th.

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